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A magical place that guides you on a transformational journey.  



"When you realize you are the creator of your own reality,

you can finally transform."

Lori Williams, Planet Castleberry Creator

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Lori Williams

Lori is the creator behind the world of Planet Castleberry. She is a published author and poet, podcaster, speaker, manifester, channeler, career/life coach, Reiki Master, and intuitive. Through her words and insights, she helps people to awaken to their full potential on this journey of life through her various modalities. 

Becoming Who You Were Meant To Be

We were created to be so much more than what we've been told. Each of us holds a unique creative blueprint and the full potential to become all that know we are capable of being. Through the process of awakening to your full self, you can truly become who you were meant to be. The universe is constantly talking to you and assisting you on this journey. 

A big part of becoming your authentic self in this life is through healing. Lori is a Certified Reiki Master and loves using this healing modality to help others heal all kinds of physical, emotional, and mental layers in themselves. Transformation starts with unlocking the parts of you that are blocked and then you can truly move into your power. Reiki is such an amazing catalyst for that. 

Lori created Planet Castleberry to help you explore your own awakening journey through her insights as told through books, poetry, stories, and service offerings. Let yourself dream, remember, and awaken to your higher self. Are you ready to go on your own journey to finally feel free? 


Tethered Hearts: Lori's New Song

One of Lori's poems in her book, Castleberry Cove: Poems for the Journey, was chosen by recording artist, Shaley Scott and Elemental Records, to be produced into a song. Now streaming on all platforms including, Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and more, Tethered Hearts is an upbeat, catchy, and inspiring song that will have you dancing along. This is truly a passion project of Lori's to be able to collaborate with such an incredible artist as Shaley and she hopes it will inspire your own Tethered Heart story. 

Castleberry Cove: Poems for the Journey

In November 2022, Lori released her new book Castleberry Cove: Poems for the Journey under her own publishing house, Planet Castleberry Press. Her new book lets the reader explore their own shifting journey of awakening to becoming their true self through a six-part poetic expedition for anyone seeking to tap into their full authenticity.


"We cannot create a new future by holding

on to emotions of the past. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza

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