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Castleberry Cove:
Poems for the Journey


Lori's latest creative project endeavor is her new book, "Castleberry Cove: Poems for the Journey", which launched in Nov. 2022. Not only did she embark on this undertaking but created her own publishing house at the same, Planet Castleberry Press. 

With a continual love for writing and sharing her poetry, this book came together with much insight and direction from her intuition. 

Castleberry Cove: Poems for the Journey, is a 6-part poetry book that takes the reader on a journey to inspire their own awakening to their true self and authenticity. Lori candidly shares poems that will inspire you to go within and escape to your own Castleberry Cove as you explore your true potential. 



It's a really well done book! Appreciate you sharing your light, keep shining!

-Reuben Langdon, Documentarian/Hollywood Stuntman for Jake Sully Avatar


"It's beautiful! I felt my heart expand while reading your poem." -Marie B.


I love how the book is set-up. It addresses the multi-dimensionality and seamlessly merges all the dimensions of the journey. 

-Shane Robinson "Unbiased & On the Fence" Youtuber

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"When I can inspire someone to awaken to their true self through my poetry, nothing lights me up more."

Lori Williams, Storyteller, Author, & Publisher

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