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Meet The Creator

Lori Williams

Poet | Published Author | Publisher | Spiritual Teacher | Intuitive  | Healer | Career/Life Coach | Manifester | Podcaster | Dreamer | Storyteller | Channeler

About Lori

Lori Williams is an intuitive teacher, guide, writer, medium, channeler, and healer. She has the ability to read situations and people's energies through her senses, predominantly clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairvoyance, but uses all the "claires" when assessing a topic. With a background in communications, marketing, writing, coaching, and consulting, Lori is a unique and equal blend of both creativity and logic but always relies on her intuition to lead the way.


A vivid dreamer, Lori gains a lot of her insight at night during the dream state and has become extremely adept in deciphering and decoding dreams to understand the waking world more clearly.  Her "spirit team" as she lovingly refers to her spiritual guides and angels, has helped her on her own journey in so many ways, and she loves sharing that with her readers. 

With a love for energy healing, she has completed over 300 hours of training in using energy as a means to heal yourself through tapping into your multi-sensory abilities. Additionally, she is a   Certified Master Reiki Practitioner as well helping people heal through this ancient modality. Expanding your consciousness to become fully awake and alive is what Lori is here to teach and help others to do. Lori loves the topic of manifestation and helping people to understand how that can work in their own lives as it has done for her. Having worked with over 2,000 clients on career/life coaching, she has truly seen the power of aligning with your passions, while uncovering the limiting beliefs, so you can have the life you want to live.

She created the 5D world of Planet Castleberry, using books, poetry, coaching/consulting/sessions, healing techniques, and guided meditations to encourage, enlighten, teach, and inspire others to tap into their full potential. Additionally, Lori embarked on a new journey with her good friend, Sarah Evans, to do a joint venture called "Into the Blue" where they co-channel the Pleiadians to bring forth intuitive uplifting messages for the collective.


Lori believes when you see yourself for who you truly are, you can fully transform into all you were meant to be. 

Certifications & Training

  • Reiki Master Certified Practitioner

  • Certified Career Coach 

  • Certified Professional Resume Writer

  • Certified Digital Marketer/Content Creator

  • Certified Advanced Social Media Manager

  • Certified Viral Marketer

  • Certified Nutritionist

  • 170-hour course completed in multisensory awareness & abilities/mediumship with Marie Manuchehri

  • High Vibrational Course Completion

  • Ascending to the 5D Course Completion

  • Manifestation Course Completion

  • Advanced Channeling Course Completion

  • 16-wk course completion in Trance Channeling with Jamie Butler

  • 3-mth course completion in Communicating with Loved Ones in Spirit with Jamie Butler

  • Course completion in soul-to-soul connection with Suzanne Geisman on Mediumship/Channeling

  • Crystals, Chakras, Spirit Guides Course Completions/Jamie Butler

  • Light Language Speaker

  • Successfully worked with 2K+ clients on life/career coaching

  • Hundreds of hours of continued education and training in expanding higher states of consciousness, accessing intuition, and coaching

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