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Have you been curious about your awakening journey or have questions about your spiritual path? Feeling like you are blocked and can't get ahead in your life? Lori will do a one hour session where she works with her spirit guides and yours to intuitively deep dive into your journey. Each session will utilize in-depth conversation to answer your questions and provide guidance on the awakening journey, assessing your overall energy utilizing knowledge of the chakras and reiki energy, and tips/techniques you can apply to move forward in life. This is more of a coaching session rather than a card reading, if you are looking for that type of service, Lori offers 30 and 60 min card readings on her services page. 


You will get a detailed outline within 24 hours of your session of follow-up care including: crystals to work with, sound healings, journaling prompts and/or what if questions/affirmations, chakra unblocking techniques and any other insight Lori gets after the call. 


This is a generic session listing where you can book with Lori to discuss these kinds of topics. Not sure if your question or topic is right for this listing, just email Lori at to clarify first if you like. 


Once you purchase this service, email Lori at to coordinate your appointment.  If you haven't reached out within 48 hours, Lori will send an email for follow up. 

60 Minute 1:1 Session

  • After you complete your purchase please email Lori at to coordinate your appointment. 

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