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Castleberry Creators

Who Are They?

The Castleberry Creators are a group of fantasy beings who live on Planet Castleberry and rush to the side of teens that need a friend in this world. The Castleberry Creator episodes are great for teens that are 13-18, (but rumor is...every age loves listening to them, people can't resist the imaginative world that the beings bring forth.) 

The Creators are based on the fantastical world that Lori creates in her mind for total escapism. No matter the problem a human is facing, a Castleberry Creator will always be there to help. 

Planet Castleberry is a place where teens feel seen, heard, and understood. The Creators know that you have feelings and a voice, and deserve to be heard. 

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"The universe doesn't communicate in fear."

Marie Manuchehri, Energy Medicine & Intuitive Teacher


For ages 5-12

For ages 13-18

For ages 19 & Up

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