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Castleberry Collective

Who Are They?

The Castleberry Collective is a group of ethereal beings who live on Planet Castleberry and rush to the side of adults that need a spirit guide in this world. The Castleberry Collective episodes are great for adults that are 19 and up, (but rumor is...every age loves listening to them, people can't resist the unity and comfort that they bring.)

The Collective is based on angels, extra-dimensionals, aliens, and other ethereal beings that Lori resonates with and she loves introducing listeners to these mystical beings. No matter the problem an adult is facing, the Castleberry Collective will always be there to help. 

Planet Castleberry is a place where adults feel seen, heard, and understood. The Collective know that you have feelings and a voice, and deserve to be heard. 

Sasha & Simone Castleberry Collective

"Asking the question creates the vibrational frequency for the answer to come through."

Reuben Langdon, Filmmaker/Futurist/Stunt Double for Jake Sulley on Avatar

For ages 5-12

For ages 13-18

For ages 19 & Up

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